Researchers using AI to study astronauts during space travel

One out-of-this-world use for AI involves measuring the body compositions of astronauts.

According to recent report from Forbes, researchers from the AI Precision Health Institute at the University of Hawaii Cancer Center hope to use AI algorithms to study how space travel affects the human body.

“The team will install several small cameras inside the space capsule to collect data,” wrote author Margaretta Colangelo, a Forbes contributor. “The astronauts will spin while they are floating in space, so their entire body can be captured. Monitoring body shape using 3D scanners provides very valuable feedback about changes in human health and 3D scanners are safe, inexpensive and accessible.”

The team’s efforts are expected to track data from astronauts as they carry out their missions. The goal is to “develop breakthrough approaches that reduce risks to human health and performance, and efficient ways for astronauts to monitor and measure bone and muscle mass to help them prepare for even longer exploration missions.”

This “incredibly novel” research, Colangelo explained, is also important in the context of certain cancer patients.

“Measurement of body composition is a relatively new area for cancer research that has direct implications for understanding how obesity and body shape contribute to the development of, and outcomes from, cancer,” she added.

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