Nuance, Microsoft design new AI solution for improving physician-patient communication

Nuance Communications has launched a new ambient clinical intelligence solution designed to improve the quality of hospital visits for both physicians and patients.  

The Nuance Dragon Ambient eXperience (DAX) solution, developed with Microsoft, uses advances in AI and enterprise imaging to “create a fully voice-enabled and ambient exam room environment.” This allows physicians to spend less time typing and more time engaging with patients.  

“It is essential to develop technology that empowers clinicians so that they can get back to doing what they trained for and love,” Joe Petro, chief technology officer for Nuance, said in a prepared statement. “It is equally important that we return to patients their doctors’ undivided attention. Our development of Nuance DAX began with a deep understanding of how doctors need and want to work. We’ve delivered an unobtrusive solution that is as present and available as the light in the exam room—and already producing meaningful results for clinicians and their patients.”

The Nuance DAX solution was developed on Microsoft’s Azure platform. Microsoft’s EmpowerMD ambient intelligence technology is also a crucial part of the solution’s design.

“As AI continues to improve, we expect it will empower our health system partners to turn their observations into actions—to reduce risk, flag concerns, and even help guide clinicians to the most effective care plans,” Greg Moore, corporate vice president of health technology and alliances for Microsoft, said in the same statement. “By working together with Nuance, and applying the power of Azure and Azure AI, we aim to positively transform the day-to-day life of front-line care providers–ultimately empowering them to provide optimal health for their patients.”