Mayo Clinic lines up AI innovation partner to help fight COVID-19

A supplier of remote patient monitoring technology is working with the Mayo Clinic to speed up diagnosis of COVID-19 and predict its course in stricken patients using AI.

In announcing the collaboration, the vendor, Boston-based Current Health, says it will combine its existing patient database with algorithms developed by Mayo Clinic for not only fighting COVID but also personalizing care for other patients with complex medical conditions.

The Current Health database already contains anonymized datasets on vital signs and physiological sensors from hundreds of patients infected with COVID-19, the company says.

The partnership will allow the two teams to “scale data analytics, add to Mayo Clinic’s major advancements in accelerating COVID-19 detection and diagnosis, and further efforts to understand and treat this disease,” Current adds.

The leader of Mayo’s COVID investigative team, Jordan Miller, PhD, calls combating the present pandemic “our number one priority.”

As part of the partnership, Mayo Clinic will become an investor in Current Health, according to the announcement.