New platform helps healthcare providers crowdsource data to develop AI solutions

Presagen, an Australia-based information technology company, has launched AI Open Projects, a new online platform that helps healthcare providers crowdsource the data they need to develop new AI solutions.

The company presented its new platform to attendees at HLTH 2019 in Las Vegas. The platform allows participating providers to contribute to massive, diverse datasets. Those datasets are then used by developers to build complex AI solutions, and the contributing clinics receive royalties for their assistance.

A key component of Presagen’s platform is its patent-pending Decentralized AI Training technique. This method keeps private data in a central location, moving the AI algorithms to the data instead of doing things the other way around.

Life Whisperer, an AI solution that helps couples undergoing IVF treatment, has already launched using AI Open Projects, and plans are already in the works for a project focused on detecting lung cancer.

“To build AI products that solve global problems, you need a global dataset which is diverse and represents different types of people and clinical settings,” Michelle Perugini, PhD, Presagen co-founder and CEO, said in a prepared statement. “This is challenging because data privacy laws can prevent private medical data leaving the country of origin.  As a result, many focus on building AI from local datasets that are not diverse, creating AI that will be biased and simply will not scale.”

“Collectively a globally diverse dataset has the potential to create the world’s most powerful and globally scalable AI, and ultimately improve healthcare outcomes for patients around the globe,” Jonathan Hall, PhD, Presagen co-founder, said in the same statement.