, NVIDIA collaborate on AI-powered hospital room solutions

Just days after launching a partnership with Google, has announced that it is now working with NVIDIA to improve patient care.

For this new collaboration, NVIDIA’s Jetson AI platform will be used to help power’s autonomous monitoring edge solutions. These edge sensors help protect patients from avoidable accidents by providing real-time data to healthcare providers.

“There is a great number of preventable incidents that occur within hospitals and nursing homes each year: falls, infections and protocol violations,” Chakri Toleti, founder and CEO of, said in a prepared statement. “As a leader in AI, NVIDIA was a clear choice for us as we built the world’s most advanced solution to these yet to be solved problems. Through this collaboration, we now have the ability to run our deep neural networks on devices while maintaining a small physical and energy footprint.”

“AI has the potential to improve healthcare across a range of areas, and ultimately help save lives,” Mona Flores, MD, global lead for hospitals and clinical partnerships at NVIDIA, said in the same statement. “Our Jetson platform provides unprecedented processing power to help’s application deliver more efficacious and efficient patient monitoring in healthcare.”