If you’re failing to keep social distance, wear a mask and wear it properly, a red X lights up as a reminder. If you’re doing things right, it’s a green check mark affirming your compliance.

The European Union is allocating many millions of euros to a “hospital of the future” project that’s led from the U.K. and piloting numerous tech-based hospital enhancements in six European cities.

Early this month CMS agreed to reimburse hospitals for using the first AI software to qualify for Medicare’s NTAP mechanism. Healthcare AI watchers have been unpacking the intricacies of the development ever since.

The FDA has an eye trained on healthcare AI as it establishes a major operation to help advance the state of the art across digital health.

Crossing machine learning with low-cost infrared sensors, AI developers are pushing the envelope on ambient intelligence, or AmI, for use in healthcare.

Musk has his eye on medical applications to get the fledgling company rolling—and he sees AI playing a major supporting role from its outset.

Researchers have developed an AI algorithm that can identify illegally cooked-up fentanyl, teaching itself to spot dangerous new impostors as it goes.

It has a ways to go in the field, but AI promises to modernize plastic surgery along both its main branches, cosmetic and reconstructive.

If it pans out at real-world dinner tables, a freshly cooked-up AI system will soon be counting calories and sniffing out macronutrients just by gobbling up images of meals.

Pandemic forecasting models aren’t hard to find of late, but a new one combines epidemiological expertise from a top-three medical school with AI knowhow from one of big tech’s biggest.

One state’s largest health system is combining forces with that state’s top medical school to launch a multidisciplinary digital health center that’s notable for its apparent velocity out of the gate.

A blockchain startup headquartered in the British Virgin Islands is organizing a global, healthcare-specific online hackathon with a prize pool of 15,000 euros, or around $17,500.