AI-powered chatbots aren’t human. However, in a way, they’re still persons. One that would like to be your always-available talk therapist says so.

The company, Nevada-based A-Medicare, is the brainchild of Italy-born actor, filmmaker and entrepreneur Enzo Zelocchi. 

A molecular diagnostics company is working with a genetic-health AI startup at breathing virtual life into a cognitive chatbot tasked with assisting individuals who may be at risk of hereditary cancer.

Engineers have combined two emerging technologies—worker drones and task-oriented AI—to accelerate the adoption of a third: 5G mobile networks.

Residents of Florida’s largest retirement community are soon to receive their meds by unmanned aerial vehicles.

The multihospital Baptist Health system is responding to the national shortage of N95 masks by sanitizing its existing supply for safe reuse. And it’s delegated the task to non-humans.

Some look like people in robot costumes. Some look like microwave ovens on wheels. All helped healthcare workers in Wuhan, China, avoid contracting COVID-19 while caring for hospitalized patients who had the illness.

The first person diagnosed with the deadly Wuhan coronavirus in the United States is receiving care from a small team of healthcare providers and an advanced robot.

A new robotic device is capable of helping people with spinal cord injuries (SCIs) sit more stably and comfortably, according to new research published in Spinal Cord Series and Cases.