Mayo Clinic completes Epic EHR rollout

Rochester, Minnesota-based Mayo Clinic has completed its implementation of the Epic electronic health record (EHR) system at all of its locations.

The Epic EHR system went live at the clinic’s Jacksonville, Florida and Phoenix and Scottsdale, Arizona locations over the weekend, meaning all of the its locations are now operating on a single, integrated EHR and revenue cycle management system.

“The initiative is known as the ‘Plummer Project,’ which honors the legacy of Henry Plummer, MD. Dr. Plummer created the world’s first patient-centered health record at Mayo Clinic more than a century ago,” a press release stated. “With this final implementation in Arizona and Florida, about 52,000 employees are using Epic in 90 hospitals and clinics across Mayo Clinic.”

The new system will allow the medical information for Mayo Clinic patients and providers to be on one system, regardless of their location. The system also allows patients to check-in electronically; physicians to use Epic tools to share information more effectively, and compare medical results with best practices; and patients to receive consolidated billing statements.

“The commitment and expertise of outstanding Mayo staff, Epic colleagues and implementation partners brought us to this day,” Plummer Project co-chair Richard Gray, MD, said in a statement. “We envision even greater collaboration among experts in delivering the patient care, research and education that are hallmarks of Mayo.”

Mayo Clinic began rolling out the Epic system in Wisconsin in July 2017, followed by Minnesota in November 2017. Rochester was live on the system in May 2018.