Data sharing gathers momentum in healthcare

Several hospitals and healthcare organizations are now taking advantage of electronic data-sharing systems that provide real-time alerts about what’s happening within a facility, according to a report by Politico.

Firms that develop electronic data-sharing software and systems are becoming more abundant in the healthcare industry—and hospitals are investing in their services, according to the report. As the federal government continues to prioritize data sharing, experts anticipate it will become mandatory for hospitals to participate in these types of systems to receive Medicare reimbursement.

“Though minuscule when compared with the behemoth companies that lead the health-data industry, this small cohort is hoping to help health care turn a corner by gathering up the vast trove of records contained in hospital and medical offices and sharing parts of them in more useful ways,” the report said.

“There are plenty of obstacles, and the systems aren’t exactly free, imposing another cost on often-strapped hospital IT departments. But many health care experts see this as a potential pivot in both care and cost control—and Medicare itself may start to create incentives for the systems’ use.”

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