Tencent begins clinical trial using AI to diagnose Parkinson’s

Technology giant Tencent has begun a clinical trial in London of its AI program to diagnose Parkinson’s disease, Financial Times reported.

The company partnered with Medopad, a healthcare technology startup based in London, last year to create a new lab for AI, where they plan to target Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis and psoriasis. Tencent and Medopad are also working with the Parkinson’s Center of Excellence at King’s College Hospital in London.

The clinical trial will take place at a private mental health clinic in London, Dementech Neurosciences, and will involve roughly 40 patients over the next few months.

Tencent’s partnership with Medopad, which does not yet include a financial investment in the company itself, is viewed as a refocus for the company to experiment in the healthcare space, Financial Times reported.

According to the publication, the UK is a burgeoning place for AI in healthcare startups and more established technology bigwigs, with Google's DeepMind partnering with several British hospitals to remotely monitor patients using technology.

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