Portable AI-enabled device brings blood testing to underserved areas

Hemex Health is announcing the launch of a go-anywhere testing device that incorporates AI for diagnosing sickle cell disease from a single drop of blood.

The device can also test for malaria and already has CE Mark approval as well as regulatory greenlights in India and Ghana.

The company, which is based in Oregon and concentrates on serving low-resource populations around the world, calls the device the Gazelle. A promotional video shows it to be about the size of a toaster.

Hemex says it developed the technology in collaboration with Case Western Reserve University.

Sickle cell disease claims the lives of more than 500 children every day due to lack of early testing and treatment, the company points out. In Ghana, for example, high costs and limited locations keep all but 4% of babies from being tested.

The president of the Sickle Cell Foundation of Ghana comments that, with improved access to affordable diagnostics and care, children with the disease “could lead relatively normal lives to achieve their highest potential.”

Click here for the announcement and here for the video.