A child’s struggles bring home the promise of AI in healthcare

The power of AI in medicine has come to light in Alabama, where an 11-year-old in medical peril had the good fortune to have a dad who’s an AI-specialized computer programmer working in healthcare.

Stat News published a feature article on the case July 25.

While young Bertrand “Buddy” Might has been sick all his life and is still not out of the woods by any means, a recent hospitalization “showcased the increasing capacity of AI to spur scientific inquiry, and find answers, even in desperate circumstances,” Stat technology correspondent Casey Ross writes.  

Matt Might, PhD, Buddy’s father, runs the Precision Medicine Institute at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Ross reports the university is now looking to incorporate Might’s team and their work into routine clinical care so they “can be called upon to assist physicians with challenging cases, a crucial step forward in the use of AI.”

Along with the great read, the piece presents videos and photos of the Might family that serve as reminders of what AI in healthcare is really all about.

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