TeleHealth Services launches virtual assist to address nurse shortages

TeleHealth Services has announced the launch of iCare Navigator, an interactive patient engagement system that uses virtual health coaches trained by artificial intelligence (AI) to address the shortage of nurses.

As baby boomers retire, the need for nurses has become increasingly dire for many healthcare organizations. With iCare Navigator, nurses are assisted by virtual health coaches, so they can address more patients while improving patient engagement. Integration with the electronic medical record also allows providers to see more patients with chronic diseases.

“Improved clinical and workflow management allows nurses to practice at the top of their license,” said Keith Donahue, vice president of corporate marketing and growth for TeleHealth Services. “iCare Navigator becomes part of a workflow that is educating patients and providing information and hospital services to the patient so that nurses can focus more on their clinical rounds.” 

Through the platform, clinicians can prescribe health videos for patients to view at their bedside. These videos provide patients with educational tools and motivators to complete care tasks, which are then reported to clinicians for review. Using microlearning education, which utilizes small bursts of educational content, the virtual health coaches assist nurses while they are given more time to focus on patient-centered care.

“Combining modern microlearning strategies with artificial intelligence and empathetic virtual personal health coaches to dynamically determine when and how to best deliver information makes learning more of a conversation,” said Richard Bootes, vice president of product development at TeleHealth Services. “Our next-generation iCare Navigator interactive patient engagement system helps nurses deliver and reinforce education in ways that increase retention and foster long-term positive health behavioral change.”