SnapMD launches new function within virtual platform

SnapMD, a provider of telehealth software, announced new functionalities of the Patient Presenter Workflow within Virtual Care Management (VCM) telehealth platform.

The added functionalities include providing patients with access through the permission system, where administrators can set workflows or guidelines for all users. They can also connect patient presenters with the ability to make appointments or virtual visits. On the provider side, the platform uses a new interface to improve the management of patient records to bring in new patients while utilizing new scheduling functions.

“With a rapidly growing aging population in the U.S. and a surging demand for care across many specialties, we recognize the need for a better way to connect patients and their care teams throughout the care continuum to achieve greater healthcare accessibility,” said Dave Skibinski, CEO of SnapMD. “The new Patient Presenter Workflow capabilities are designed to support participants across the care continuum, empowering caregivers and other patient presenters to deliver better, more timely care to more patients, improving treatment adherence and reducing wait times."