Healthcare industries to be ‘revolutionized’ by AI

Healthcare, senior care and mental health diagnosis and treatment are among several industries expected to be “revolutionized” by AI, according to a report by Forbes. The predictions were provided by a panel of Forbes Technology Council members who ranked 13 industries that will quickly reap the benefits of AI and machine-learning technology.

Though the healthcare space is just starting on its AI journey, the report suggested the technology shows a lot of promise in several areas, including drug safety and imaging.

“Once we reach a point of true information interoperability, supporting the secure exchange of health data, all these promises will join forces to become breakthroughs for the patients,” Florian Quarre, chief digital officer at Ciox Health, said in the report.

Additionally, the report suggested AI may provide resources that allow seniors to feel confident about living alone and provide support for caregivers. It also stated AI could be used to identify mental health issues in young adults.

“We are starting to see an increase in mental health issues among young people. Whether it is device addiction or withdrawal from the physical world, some are starting to isolate themselves online,” Chris Kirby, a retired technology executive, said in the report. “This can ultimately lead to a breakdown of social cohesion. I see potential in using AI to identify people at risk and recommend therapy before they fall into a hole of depression and hopelessness.”

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