Press Ganey Report Identifies Best Practice Strategies for Patient Experience Transparency
Boston, Massachusetts, September 15, 2014 – In a report released today, Press Ganey  details how transparency of patient experience data drives improved provider performance and enables more patient-centered care. The Performance Insights report, “Transparency Strategies: Online Physician Reviews for Improving Care and Reducing Suffering,” profiles three innovative health systems that implemented their own physician-review web sites to more accurately present data and allow patients to make informed choices about their care. “Patients are increasingly relying on physician reviews to make decisions about where and from whom they receive care,” said Patrick T. Ryan, CEO, Press Ganey. “By publically reporting statistically valid results—including comments—organizations have the ability to deliver the information their patients seek while also building alignment and engagement among physicians.” The report presents key findings gleaned from University of Utah Health Care, Piedmont Healthcare and Wake Forest Baptist Health, all of whom first attained physician agreement and support for the initiative.  Posting physician ratings online led to measureable performance improvement across multiple metrics including patient engagement, physician alignment and online search visibility.   The early adopters, while at different stages in implementation, shared four common characteristics that contributed to their success:
  • A core focus on patient-centered care with data transparency as a tool to enhance that focus
  • Access to a robust amount of patient experience data to address physicians’ data validity concerns
  • A graduated implementation strategy beginning with sustained internal data transparency prior to public reporting
  • Strong executive leadership commitment to transparency and communication across the enterprise
 “Commitment to data transparency is more than reputation management. It is a key component to advancing the patient experience,” said Ryan. “Organizations that embrace robust data collection and transparency motivate providers to deliver the best possible care and reduce patient suffering by engaging and enabling patients to become active collaborators in their own care journeys.”  A copy of the Performance Insights report, Transparency Strategies: Online Physician Reviews for Improving Care and Reducing Suffering, is available for download. About Press Ganey Associates, Inc.Recognized as a leader in performance improvement for nearly 30 years, Press Ganey partners with more than 11,000 health care organizations worldwide to create and sustain high-performing organizations, and, ultimately, improve the overall health care experience. The company offers a comprehensive portfolio of solutions to help clients operate efficiently, improve quality, increase market share and optimize reimbursement. Press Ganey works with clients from across the continuum of care – hospitals, medical practices, home care agencies and other providers – including more than 50% of all U.S. hospitals. For more information, visit