Osso VR makes introduction into medical school

Osso VR, a virtual reality surgical training platform, has partnered with American medical residency programs to offer student a new way to train for surgery. 

VR in medicine allows surgeons to train in a virtual field where practice can be customized and repeated. Recently, Vanderbilt University School of Medicine’s orthopedic residency program has utilized Osso VR in eight programs. Other programs that have incorporated Osso VR include Long Island Jewish Medical Center, Columbia University, David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA, Harvard Medical School and Hospital for Special Surgery.

“Osso VR augments the apprenticeship training model the surgical education system has relied on for over a century,” said Justin Barad, MD, Osso’s founder and CEO, who was a videogame programmer before he became a surgeon and saw how his old profession might help. “It's been proven that VR training improves outcomes for new surgeons. I had to learn through observation instead of experience. Simulation is clearly a better, safer and more consistent way to accomplish that.”

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