Northwell Health integrating AI software into EMRs at 15 hospitals

Northwell Health, a New York-based healthcare network, is integrating predictive AI software into the electronic medical records (EMRs) at 15 of its hospitals to identify patients at risk of being readmitted to the hospital.

The healthcare organization’s integration plan is a part of an overall effort to better identify at-risk patients and factors, including social determinants of health, that may contribute to a patient’s increased risk. The hope is that the AI software from Jvion, a Georgia-based AI healthcare company, will “seamlessly” integrate with clinical workflows, allowing caregivers access to its risk and recommendation outputs, according to a press release.

The software will help manage patients by flagging those at risk, while also identifying clinical drivers that contribute to their likelihood of readmission or avoidable admission. The software will also provide individualized recommendations to best mitigate those risks.

“Advanced technology is a critical part of our commitment to creating a health system that is the highest value in the country,” Kristofer Smith, MD, senior vice president of population health management at Northwell Health Solutions, said in a statement. “By incorporating the proven AI delivered by Jvion’s Cognitive Machine, we will extend our ability to deliver quality, safe and cost-effective care.”

“Northwell Health is taking the lead in preventing avoidable events and ensuring that care is delivered in the most effective way,” John Showalter, MD, chief product officer for Jvion, said in a statement. “Preventing a deterioration is complicated and dynamic. Jvion’s Cognitive Machine has made significant impacts to various readmission and avoidable admission programs across the country and we are very proud to bring it to Northwell Health.”