New certifying board to credential healthcare workers in AI

The newly incorporated American Board of Artificial Intelligence in Medicine (ABAIM) is soon to begin credentialing healthcare workers in AI, machine learning and deep learning.

The group announced its intentions March 9, noting that it was only recently incorporated as a not-for-profit entity.

ABAIM’s main activity will be awarding board certification to individuals who pass an exam demonstrating a firm grasp of advanced concepts related to AI and its iterations used in healthcare.  

The certification also will validate the ability of those so certified to analyze the benefits and pitfalls of these technologies in real-world scenarios.

The ABAIM says its ultimate goal is to “enable healthcare professionals to participate in development, assessment, selection and implementation of AI, machine learning and deep learning tools for their benefit and that of the institutions they serve today and in the future.”

Two physicians are serving as the board’s chairs and driving the initiative: Orest Boyko, MD, PhD, a psychology research professor at the University of Southern California; and Anthony Chang, MD, of the Sharon Disney Lund Medical Intelligence and Innovation Institute (MI3) at Children’s Hospital of Orange County in California.

Artificial Intelligence and its related technologies are “increasingly important to healthcare as a whole,” Boyko said.

Chang added that ABAIM has a modular curriculum that will enable a wide range of healthcare professionals—as well as patients, data scientists and IT personnel—to become knowledgeable in the application of AI, ML and DL tools and technologies.