Medtronic, IBM launch diabetes management app

Medtronic and IBM Watson Health have announced the launch of an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered diabetes assistant application Sugar.IQ.

For the 30 million Americans diagnosed with diabetes, managing the chronic disease is an everyday task. With Sugar.IQ, patients can view patterns to make more informed decision on their care. Using AI and analytic technology, the app continually analyzes the user’s glucose levels when they eat and take insulin.

The personalized insights provided by the app show how lifestyle choices, medications and multiple daily injections impact diabetes management. By providing individual guidance, the app allows users to more informed decisions regarding daily management decisions.

In data presented at the 78th Annual American Diabetes Association (ADA) Scientific Sessions, researchers showed the app resulted in patients spending 36 more minutes in the healthy glucose range. Additionally, users spent 30 minutes less time in hyperglycemia and six minutes less time in hypoglycemia. This resulted in nine more days a year a patient spent in the healthy glucose range.