Medicare patients monitored by AI for risk factors requiring care

A health-management company in Arizona is expanding its use of AI to detect risk factors in Medicare Advantage patients by scanning doctors’ notes to automatically flag patients who need additional reimbursable care.

US Health Systems, which works with acute-care plan provider Arizona Complete Health in two Arizona counties, is increasing its AI deployment by building on an existing contract with Israel-based Maverick Medical AI.

The agreement follows a pilot period at USHS in which the software achieved 98% accuracy at finding new or heightened risk factors in covered patients, according to a press release sent by Maverick.

Maverick says its platform, called Clinical AI Cognition, can read sentences and understand context as a physician would, while also translating unstructured data into structured data.

USHS’s CEO, Amish Purohit, MD, says the software will support physicians in completing documentation and serve as a backup in monitoring patients.

“By ensuring that no documented conditions that require attention and treatment are missed by our physicians,” he adds, the software is expected to “contribute to substantial improvement in treatment for our patients as well as increasing revenues for our company.”