Kaiser Permanente San Diego launches telehealth pilot station

Kaiser Permanente San Diego is lauching a telehealth pilot station to provide services to one of its large customers, an employee group, with the goal of increasing employee wellness and decreasing absenteeism.

The pilot, undertaken through a partnership with telehealth technology vendor HealthSpot, enables Kaiser Permanente to extend its provider services and redefine access to healthcare by creating a new point of care for patients at a time and place that is convenient for them, according to the organization.  

Specifically, the HealthSpot station is a private, walk-in kiosk that allows Kaiser Permanente providers to remotely care for, monitor and follow up with patients via high-definition videoconferencing and interactive, digital medical devices.

"Today's healthcare environment has pushed health systems and hospitals across the country to find innovative ways to increase access to care. Primary care is our biggest opportunity to lower costs while continuously improving their quality of care—and technology happens to be a vital tool in this mission," Paul Bernstein, MD, medical director at Kaiser Permanente San Diego, said in a statement.