Well-funded AI startup cooking up 5 health & nutrition products

An Irish AI startup whose investors have already raised $65 million is pledging to deliver a breakthrough natural food additive by the end of this year and four more by 2021.

The company, called Nuritas, says the first of its offerings to hit the shelves will be an AI-discovered ingredient that helps relieve inflammation.

The company is aiming its products at the sports-nutrition market, Yahoo Finance UK is reporting.

“We believe not only that we have launched the only healthcare ingredient found through AI, but we will in fact launch the second, third, fourth and fifth within a 12- to 18-month period as well,” CEO Emmet Browne tells Yahoo reporter Edmund Heaphy. “In effect, what we do is use artificial intelligence to unlock nature’s secrets. That’s the depth of it.”

Nuritas is a founding member of the Alliance for Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare and counts among its investors U2 bandmates Bono and the Edge, Salesforce founder Marc Benioff and the Iranian-American entrepreneur and angel investor Ali Partovi.

The company’s methodology involves identifying a range of potentially healthful natural substances in stages, then using AI to home in on the most promising ones, according to Yahoo Finance.

Browne says around 60% of these turn out to have sufficiently impressive “bioactive activity” to make them worth pursuing as potential products.