Intel doles out $117M to disruptive startups, including 2 in healthcare

Fourteen startups are getting a share of $117 million from Intel Capital, which is encouraging the recipients to spend the money on efforts to “disrupt their industries.” For two of the companies, the industry is healthcare and the disruptive innovation involves AI.

Medical Informatics of Houston, creator of the Sickbay monitoring and analytics platform, is working to incorporate AI in its anywhere/anytime remote monitoring capabilities. The aim is to “deploy real-time, predictive, critical care analytics that get ahead of deterioration and risk and enable data-driven medicine and patient-centered care,” according to an announcement.

Meanwhile Reveal Biosciences of San Diego will likely use the dollars to further develop its ImageDx, a proprietary deep-learning platform that “delivers pathologists and scientists a novel class of actionable, quantitative data to accelerate research and enhance patient care.”

Intel Capital president Wendell Brooks said the 14 companies “are shifting the way we think about artificial intelligence, communications, manufacturing and healthcare—areas that will become increasingly essential in coming years as the linchpins of a smarter, more connected society.”

The announcement came April 1 during an Intel summit in Phoenix.