Digital health platform monitors patients with machine learning

A UK-based technology company has created a new digital health platform that uses machine learning to help predict a user’s health conditions.

The Verum platform, created by UK-based firm Cambridge Consultants, is equipped with sensors integrated with wearables, a data collection application and a healthcare dashboard widget that helps physicians and nurses monitor patients remotely. The platform also uses machine-learning to help make predictions about the user’s current health condition.

“Within the consumer space, Verum can enable consumer brands to gain measured, quantitative insights into the use of products during trials,” the company said in a statement. “This could accelerate the product development process and provide new insights to spark innovation.”

The platform’s capabilities will first be tested on participants in clinical trials, with hopes it’ll be able to mitigate the effect patient stress has on trial outcomes. Developers hope the platform will be able to provide insight about stress triggers for patients and alert nurses and trial coordinators of the participant’s current condition.

The company believes other potential uses for the platform could include: diagnosing neurological conditions, rehabilitation and post market surveillance of drugs.