New mobile health app targets man’s best friend—oh, and cats too

Mobile phones, wearables and computers have become nearly indispensable tools in managing health. Now, Petrics, a pet health technology, hopes its latest app will improve the health of our furry friends.

The Petrics App is a diet and nutrition recommendation engine for dogs and cats that aims to help caretakers provide healthier food for pets.

“Technology has the capability to transform what it means to keep our pets healthy,” said Petrics CEO Edward Hall. “By collecting information about our pets’ activity levels, diet and other important data, we can react faster when potential health concerns or unusual behaviors surface.”

The app breaks down more than 15,000 foods and 17,000 ingredients, allowing owners more information in making dietary choices for dogs and cats. The app was unveiled in June at SuperZoo, the pet industry’s largest convention in North America.

“Proper nutrition plays a critical role in ensuring our pets live longer, happier lives,” said Hall. “With the Petrics Health and Nutrition App, we are giving pet parents the resources to help detect health issues early. When combined with veterinarian-recommended nutritional advice, the App can help guide pet owners to create a diet plan for their pets."