Google reportedly developing AI-powered wellness app

Google is reportedly developing a wellness app that will be powered by artificial intelligence (AI), according to a report by Venture Beat.

According to the report, Google Coach will serve as a wellness assistant and help users keep track of their workouts, nutrition, foods they eat and will use locations to make health recommendations.

“Unlike Google Fit, Google’s activity-tracking platform, it’ll deliver insights proactively, informed in part by calendar appointments, reminders and logged activities. If you skip a scheduled gym day, for example, it might nudge you to find another time,” the report said. “And if you’re falling short of a fitness goal, it could suggest workouts and routines that would help you achieve it.”

If the app is developed and becomes publicly available, it will reportedly launch on smartwatches first but eventually come to smartphones and other devices, according to the report.

“If Google Coach ever sees the light of day, it’ll be the Mountain View giant’s most ambitious attempt yet to merge AI with the treasure trove of fitness data wearable devices collect,” the report said.

To read the full Venture Beat report, click the link below.