‘Generation Alpha’ will come of age in the age of AI everywhere, including in healthcare

Some are calling the first generation whose members will never have known life without smartphones “Generation Alpha.” And some are predicting they’ll be as reliant on AI as Millennials and Generation Z have been on the internet.

Journalist Peter Rejcek looks at how AI will change them, and how they will affect AI development going forward, in a piece published May 14 by Singularity Hub. Naturally, healthcare figures prominently.

“AI is already transforming healthcare and longevity research,” Rejcek writes. “Machines are helping to design drugs faster and detect disease earlier.”

There’s not much new in that, but Rejcek summarizes a couple of specific recent studies on AI in healthcare and points out that the term “artificial intelligence” appears in nearly 90,000 publications archived on PubMed.

He also looks at AI’s coming role for Generation Alpha—born between 2011 and 2025—in education and research.

It’s a quick and lively read. Find it here: