CMS launching AI health challenge in 2019

CMS will launch an AI challenge focused on improving healthcare delivery in 2019, the agency announced on Nov. 16.

The CMS Innovation Center AI Health Outcomes Challenge will encourage technology leaders from all areas—not just healthcare—to come up with ways AI can be used to predict better health outcomes and improve care delivery. The challenge will launch in 2019. The application period is expected to open next year, as well.  

“The goal is to help the healthcare system deliver the right care, at the right time, in the right place, and by the right people,” the agency wrote in a statement on the challenge’s homepage. “It’s not enough to build on the technology that currently exists. We need to ask bold questions, like how artificial intelligence (AI) can transform and disrupt how we think about healthcare delivery.”

The agency is looking for ways to incorporate AI into upcoming and emerging payment and service delivery models.