App designed to help people with vision loss now available for Android

A mobile application that assists people with vision loss is now available for Android users.

The makers of WayAround announced on Wednesday, Sept. 5, that the app has officially launched on Android. The app works as a “smart assistant” that gives on-demand details about everyday things to people with vision loss. The app’s system uses smart tags to provide “custom audio information about items around the home, office and other common locations,” according to a release.  

"More and more people who are blind use Android devices, as accessibility features improve on that platform," WayAround co-founder and manager Darwin Belt said in a statement. "WayAround is built on the principles of inclusive design, so the app works intuitively for anyone with any degree of vision loss, now on their preferred mobile platform."

After the app launched on iOS in January, the makers of the app said they received numerous requests from Android users to make it available for them, as well.

"Offering an accessible mobile app for Android users within months of our initial launch was very important to us," WayAround co-founder Armand Fisher said in a statement. "WayAround offers life-changing information for those of us with vision loss, and our team of developers have worked diligently to make the app available to Android users as soon as possible."