AI-powered nutrition app launches in the UK

People throughout the United Kingdom now have access to an AI-powered app that aims to help people improve their health and eating habits, according to a report by UK Tech News.

The Foodvisor app officially launched throughout the UK in January after launching in France in 2018. The app’s team developed proprietary AI algorithms that allow it to identify more than 1,000 different foods, estimate serving sizes, provide the nutritional report and integrate new food items in its database for future recognition.

To use the app, users take a picture of their plate and the app then sends back a detailed nutritional report with advice from nutritionist. Eventually, the app learns a user’s personal habits to provide more accurate and personal help. The hope is that the app will help users "live healthier" lives, according to Foodvisor chief executive officer Charles Boes.  

“Our unique technology and the advice of our dietitians have already helped 1 million people to eat better,” Boes said in the report. “We want to help more people eat better and live healthier, that’s why we are expanding to the UK where nutrition apps are very popular but they all require manual logging.”

Google is also reportedly developing a similar AI-powered wellness app, according to an earlier report. If the Google app is developed and becomes publicly available, it would serve as a wellness assistant and help users keep track of their nutrition, workouts, foods they eat and will use locations to make health recommendations. 

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