New AI app uses Apple Watch data to predict flu, cold before symptoms appear

A new AI app is hitting the market that could predict sickness before a person even appears sick.

Achu Health, a health and wellness platform launching its SickScan app for iPhone, Apple Watch, Fitbit Versa and Ionic on March 31, tracks the ongoing outbreaks, trends and densities of cold and flu reports in the areas of its users, providing a real-time global health outlook.

The app works through machine learning algorithms that use data from the Apple Watch and matches it with personal health data patterns that can then predict oncoming sickness like cold or flu. These predictions can happen all before the person even starts feeling symptoms. Namely, it asks three daily questions to build a personal benchmark of the user based on how they feel. The app then guides users to improvement “at an achievable pace” with goals and personalized insights about their state of health.

Knowing a potential for sickness from the common cold or flu before symptoms appear can help users take proactive steps to prevent illness altogether or lessen the severity of illness.

“What is really cool about Achu Health is that it is the first app of its kind to highlight sickness patterns ahead of time, actually enabling users to take proactive steps to try to avoid sickness,” Tony Peticca, CEO of Achu, said in a statement. “Healthcare officials are asking people to be cautious, monitor symptoms, practice good hygiene, and lead an overall healthier lifestyle. Achu provides the tools to achieve all of this.”

The app also offers personalized, actionable goals to build and reinforce health lifestyle habits, according to the press release.

Achu Health uses Apple’s Core ML and HealthKit platforms to protect user information and perform calculations on-device.

The app’s launch comes at a time when the new coronavirus, COVID-19, has been declared a global pandemic, and serious action are being put into place to prevent further outbreak.