AEGIS' Touchstone Project to help providers implement FHIR, creator of the AEGIS Developers Integration Lab (DIL), has introduced the Touchstone Project, a next generation cloud-based testing platform that applies conformance and interoperability testing in a test-driven-development (TDD) integrated ecosystem. 

The Touchstone Test Platform will help organizations new to the HL7 Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) specification begin to explore and evaluate it. 

AEGIS unveiled the Touchstone Project to a distinguished group of Health IT industry leaders at the HL7® International 29th Annual Plenary & Working Group Meetings in Atlanta last month.

After its initial month of FHIR Testing, Touchstone has seen more than 185 unique test executions and counting. Those organizations currently testing HL7 FHIR against the AEGIS Touchstone Test Platform are encouraged to publish their HL7 FHIR Conformance Testing results for the public to witness.

"Iterative testing remains at the heart of agile development," said Charles Jaffe, MD, PhD, CEO of HL7, in a release. "Valid conformance is critical to both the developers and to the end-user community. Iterative testing drives quality and patient safety, and supports innovation. A successful testing program also provides FHIR development teams at HL7 with the essential infrastructure that is critical for all of our stakeholders."