Ada launches initiative to improve healthcare access with AI

Ada Health is using its AI-powered medical app to improve healthcare access for underserved people around the world.

Last month, the company announced the launch of its new Global Health Initiative, which aims to improve the availability and delivery of healthcare in underserved areas worldwide with AI. Ada’s AI-powered mobile health app helps users understand their health and find appropriate care, including identifying appropriate diagnostic tests and helping limit the spread of curable disease. It also supports clinical decision-making and the delivery of more effective and quality healthcare by informing workers of relevant diagnostics. 

The app aims to improve access to healthcare, and more than one-third of users of the app are from rural and less developed healthcare markets, such as India, Asia and Africa. Since its launch in 2016, the Ada app has completed more than seven million health assessments. The app may help combat the shortage of healthcare workers.

The company will partner with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and Fondation Botnar, a Swedish organization, for the initiative. Through the partnerships, Ada integrates Swahili and Romanian languages into its app to better serve people in Sub-Saharan Africa and Romania and research the effectiveness of AI technology in identifying needed diagnostic tests and improving patient outcomes.

“Since launching Ada, we’ve heard hundreds of stories about how the app has improved or even saved lives,” Daniel Nathrath, chief executive officer and co-founder of Ada, said in a prepared statement. “By partnering with [organizations] that share our vision for the future of healthcare, we are increasing Ada’s impact in developing economies, and moving forward our mission to make quality, personalized care a reality for everyone.”

Ada Health isn't alone in its effort to improve healthcare access worldwide. Last week, Duke announced the launch of a new center, which will initially focus on projects aimed at developing a national network of high-tech health data parks and improving clinical care and care delivery in China.