5 best practices for transitioning to the cloud

Transitioning to a cloud-based system brings many benefits—but only if the technology is implemented and utilized with methods that lead to optimization. In a recent post by MeriTalk, authors outlined the five best practices for organizations making the move to the cloud.

“As agencies migrate on-premises data and workloads to the cloud, they face major challenges including visualizing their data, migrating data in a simple and cost-effective manner, as well as protecting workloads in the cloud, on-premises, and in complex hybrid environments,” said Themis Tzamarias, senior manager of system engineering with Veritas. “They need 360-degree visibility, so they can truly understand the data they have, how to classify it, what to keep, and how to protect it.”

The article recommends to develop a cloud strategy or plan, do a full assessment of your IT environment, train staff for the transition, integrate security through all phases and refine the way you operate.

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