Senate announces hearing on reducing healthcare costs

The Senate health committee has announced a series of hearings addressing how healthcare systems can reduce costs in America.

Announced by Lamar Alexander, R-Tennessee, chairman of the health committee, the hearings, titled “How to Reduce Health Care Costs: Understanding the Cost of Health Care in America” are set to start June 27 at 10 am (EST).

During the hearing, members of the committee will discuss the development of a common understanding about healthcare spending in America: who is spending money, where it is being spent, when does a person spend the most and to which sector the money goes.

“The United States has the most innovative health care system in the world, but it is also the most complex, and too often Americans struggle to understand the system and plan for and afford their health care,” Alexander said. “These hearings will explore why Americans spend so much on health care and how to reduce those costs.”