Researchers are trying to make AI a force for good

A team of researchers from New York University are dedicating work to ensure that AI remains a force for good as the technology becomes more prevalent across many industries––including healthcare.

One of the biggest issues with AI as the technology continues to emerge is bias, and many in the industry have pointed to a greater need for diversity in developing AI products and solutions to avoid bias.

However, there are other pitfalls of AI, Time reported, including abuse by disinformation campaigns and abuse of privacy bounds.

These dangers of AI are why NYU’s AI Now team of researchers is focusing on four challenges: rights and liberties, labor and automation, bias and inclusion, and safety and critical infrastructure. The group is studying the ethical issues of AI to better inform policymakers and regulators about the technology, and while the researchers aren’t the only ones looking into the area, the field of AI ethics “remains limited,” Time reported. And efforts may be stymied by trade secrecy protections and laws.

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