Precision-med AI operation raises $23M

A technology company that uses AI to precisely match medical interventions with individual patients has received a $23 million infusion.

GNS Healthcare, which is based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, announced Tuesday that the funding round is being led by Cigna Ventures.

GNS says it uses machine learning to predict how patients will respond to treatments for more than 40 diseases involving oncology, cardiovascular care, metabolic medicine, neurology and other medical specialties.

Its causal AI platform uses “reverse engineering forward simulation” to digest trillions of data variables and then calculate hundreds of thousands of “what if” simulations at the level of the individual patient, according to the company.

Cigna executive Tom Richards says the investment will advance his company toward the goal of improving the “total health and well-being” of its customers.

“GNS aligns with our vision and together we can super-charge our advanced analytics capabilities and provide even deeper, more predictable insights that will further enhance customer access to the highest quality treatment and care, in the preferred and appropriate place, at the right time,” Richards said in prepared remarks.

According to Crunchbase, GNS has raised a total of $77.3 million to date and annually does around $15 million in business.