11 policy recommendations for AI’s role in healthcare

Though healthcare organizations have started to realize AI’s potential, a health coalition led by providers, payers and vendors has made 11 policy recommendations for the technology's role in the space.

The Connected Health Initiative’s policy recommendations were first reported by Politico. The coalition, which focuses on using technology to improve patient engagement and health outcomes, said the recommendations serve as the “next step” to address the role of AI in healthcare.

The organization’s AI policy recommendations are:

  • Develop a national AI strategy that incorporates guidance on the technology’s issues
  • Ensure policy frameworks support and facilitate research and development of AI in healthcare
  • Use risk-based approaches to ensure the use of AI in healthcare has recognized standards of safety, efficacy and equity
  • Require the design of AI systems in healthcare to be informed by real-world workflow, end-user needs, human-centered design and usability principles
  • Ensure AI systems are accessible and affordable
  • AI systems should promote existing and emerging ethical norms in the medical community
  • Any policy framework should address privacy, consent and modern technological capabilities
  • Policy frameworks should promote collaboration and interoperability
  • Create the appropriate balance between human care, decision making and augmented capabilities from AI-enabled technologies and tools
  • Address bias issues
  • Support education for the advancement of AI in healthcare

“AI systems offer the promise to rapidly accelerate and scale such results and drive a fundamental transformation of the current disease-based system to one that supports prevention and health maintenance,” the report said. “Nonetheless, AI in healthcare has the potential to raise a variety of unique considerations for U.S. policymakers.”

The United States may be close to addressing new technologies like AI, with President Trump planning to take executive action on the issue.