Northwell Health building EHR system

Northwell Health, a New York-based nonprofit health system, is building its own electronic health records system and leveraging AI to do it, Axios reported.

The move to create its own EHR system is somewhat unusual for major health systems, which typically rely on third-party vendors. Northwell plans to eventually sell the technology it creates to other healthcare providers.

Creating its own system could enable Northwell to overcome some of the pitfalls of other EHR offerings, namely that they can be too time consuming for clinicians or even clunky, according to Axios. Too much documentation has bene linked to burnout among healthcare professionals.

AI will come into play through Avenel, a product by Allscripts that will be used by Northwell and Microsoft cloud technology. The healthcare organization will implement its new EHR system over the next 12 to 8 months within its physician offices and outpatient settings, eventually making its way to hospitals.

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