Mayo in it for the long haul with Google

The Mayo Clinic has selected Google Cloud to anchor its digital development over the next 10 years.

The strategic partnership will allow the Minnesota-based institution to spend a full decade diving deeply into advanced cloud computing, data analytics, machine learning and AI, according to an announcement.

Under the agreement, Google Cloud will store Mayo Clinic data while its personnel support Mayo’s stepped-up drive to deploy select technologies within its clinical and business operations.

The partnership will allow the 129-year-old provider organization to “transform the way it advances virtual care with AI-enabled digital diagnostics,” Mayo said, adding that it will also lean on Google for help modernizing its medical research operations.  

Mayo Clinic will manage access to all data, according to the announcement.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai commented that healthcare is “one of the most important fields that technology will help transform over the next decade, and it’s a major area of investment for Google.”