Machine learning company raises $22M to detect cancer sooner

Kheiron Medical Technologies, a London-based machine learning startup focused on helping radiologists detect cancer at an early staged, has raised $22 million in a Series A funding round.

Venture Beat was first to report the funding news. The investment round was led by Atomico, a venture capital firm based in Europe, alone with Greycroft, Connect Ventures, Hoxton Ventures and Exor Seeds.

“So proud to announce our partnership today with [Kheiron Medical], who are radically improving imaging-based cancer diagnostics across the globe to give people a better fighting chance against cancer,” Atomico tweeted Monday.

The company offers a breast cancer screening tool known as Mia, which enables radiologists to determine whether a patient needs further evaluation. The technology integrates into a radiologist’s workflow and software and uses mammography images from breast cancer screenings to spot tumors.

Catching breast cancer earlier can have a profound impact on treatment and patient outcomes.

“The power of Kheiron’s deep learning technology is that it can find and learn patterns in large imaging data sets,” Kheiron CTO and Cofounder Tobias Rijken told VentureBeat. “We work closely with expert radiologists who understand this complex domain to build the early characteristics of the machine learning models.”

Kheiron is waiting on certification from the U.S. FDA, but Mia has already been certified in Europe and will be deployed in a test with the National Health Service in early 2020, Venture Beat noted.