Invistics leverages machine learning to track hospital drug theft

Healthcare company Invistics debuted its newest software March 21—a system that’s more than 90 percent effective in detecting missing drugs from a hospital’s supply.

“As many as 10 percent of healthcare workers divert from their workplace, and most of these instances of theft go unreported,” Tom Knight, CEO of Invistics, said in a press release. “We want to solve that problem in a scalable way, and machine learning is helping us detect drug diversion that would have not otherwise been detected.”

Invistics’ technology is the first DEA-compliant software to successfully flag drug diversion and is backed by the National Institutes of Health. The platform uses advanced AI and machine learning to detect patterns in healthcare worker behaviors that violate policy and lead to an increased risk of drug diversion.

According to Knight, the software is available to all hospitals and health systems and works in compliance with all electronic health records and automated dispensing cabinets.

“This is the first time a drug diversion solution has been offered by a company that doesn’t sell hardware, such as automated dispensing cabinets or surgical kitting equipment, or that doesn’t expect you to buy their hardware,” he said. “That is critical when analyzing these big datasets—the more providers we can work with, the more data we can use to establish drug diversion intelligence.”

The company reported its new software has a true positive accuracy rate of over 90 percent. Find more information here.