Intelerad workflow solution to include Zebra Medical Vision’s AI offerings

Intelerad Medical Systems and Zebra Medical Vision have announced a new partnership involving Intelerad’s Odyssey workflow management solution.

As a part of this arrangement, Zebra-Med’s bundle of AI solutions, AI1, will now be included as a primary building block of Odyssey. The move, according to a prepared statement from both companies, is “designed to encourage the adoption of artificial intelligence without the prohibitive costs usually associated with such programs.”

Odyssey also charges users per study, a feature put in place to keep costs down for providers who may not want to pay a flat fee right off the bat. A 12-month trial is also being offered to celebrate the release of Odyssey, an offer only available “for a limited time.”

“Odyssey will deliver state-of-the-art clinical AI solutions directly integrated into the radiologists’ natural workflow and tailored to the needs of individual organizations,” Chris Wood, chief technology officer at Intelerad, said in the prepared statement. “With Zebra-Med’s AI1, we are committed to providing a broad and growing portfolio of high-value, innovative technology solutions to our customers and this unprecedented approach to artificial intelligence in radiology will extend our leadership position in workflow management.”

“We are excited to be supporting Intelerad’s team and the 300 healthcare organizations they serve, with our ‘all-in-one’ AI1 ever-growing portfolio of FDA-cleared AI products,“ Eyal Gura, CEO of Zebra Medical Vision, said in the same statement. “We are committed to bring more AI value in an integrated way to the workflow and in all modalities.”