Healthy Interactions, MedCurrent collaborate on new end-to-end CDS technology for chronic care

Two health IT companies, Chicago-based Healthy Interactions and Toronto-based MedCurrent, have launched a new end-to-end clinical decision support (CDS) platform designed to manage chronic care conditions.

Healthy Interactions is known for developing one of the world’s largest diabetes patient education programs, while MedCurrent specializes in CDS systems that embed appropriateness criteria.

“Providers are constantly stretched for time and have only minutes to engage patients, make diagnoses and develop personalized care plans for as many as 50 patients a day,” Paul Lasiuk, Healthy Interactions co-founder and CEO MedCurrent board director, said in a prepared statement. “We are extending beyond alarms, alerts and checklists to do the heavy lifting for these providers with a best-in-class, complete care solution that, in real time, triggers automated development of recommended and individually optimized care plans for each patient.”

Lasiuk emphasized that many years of hard work have gone into both companies reaching this point.

“We’re bringing decades of proven work by some of our industry’s most respected innovators in both behavioral change management and health information technology to create an all-in-one platform,” he said. “Now, organizations can have unparalleled impact when planning, delivering and evaluating the effectiveness of care for patients and populations with costly chronic conditions. Both outcomes and reimbursement will be enhanced.”