Which healthcare AI startups made a close watcher’s top 25 for 2020?

Several healthcare AI companies rank among the “top 25 machine learning startups to watch in 2020” in the view of a senior contributor at Forbes.com.

Louis Columbus, whose day job is principal of the manufacturing software company IQMS, names Olive, Paige and PostEra among his healthcare selections.

Olive’s innovators are “pioneers working to alleviate the most routine, mundane tasks healthcare professionals do on their jobs, so they are freed up to work on more complex, challenging and rewarding treatment programs for their patients,” Columbus writes. He notes that Olive has raised a total of $123.8 million in funding over six rounds.

Paige’s proprietary algorithms “provide insights from decades of data from the world’s experts in cancer care and were recently published in Nature Medicine,” Columbus points out, adding that the company’s first product for prostate cancer detection received Breakthrough Designation from the FDA. Paige has raised a total of $75 million in funding over three rounds, he adds.  

PostEra uses machine learning to close the design-make-test cycle of drug discovery. “They are currently leading an international team of scientists to find a COVID antiviral via an open science initiative,” Columbus reports, adding that the company has raised a total of $2.5 million in funding over two rounds.

Columbus cites Crunchbase stats showing that, across industries, there are more than 9,200 AI startups and established AI concerns relying on machine learning for their main and ancillary applications, products and services—a 6% jump from last year’s count.

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