Google is collecting massive amounts of healthcare data

While Google has ventured into the healthcare field with various technologies and tools, it is also collecting vast amounts of healthcare data through these tools and through deals with healthcare stakeholders. Without access to a massive amount of health information, Google would not be able to develop new AI tools in the field, according to Forbes contributor Matt Jones.

“Google did not get where it is through sweetheart deals; it did so by gathering unprecedented amounts of data and using it to feed a continuous process of innovation,” Jones wrote.

To conduct its AI research and development, Google has been “forging ongoing relationships” with healthcare companies with health information, often providing services in return for data. Google DeepMind project kidney disease diagnostic tool Streams gives DeepMind access to patient records and blood tests in the millions, helping build out better AI products.

Streams is currently being piloted by the U.K.’s National Health Service, and while Google apparently wants to sell its products, it also likely wants NHS to give Google data that can help the company create more products to sell around the world.

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