Google AI founder placed on leave

A co-founder of Google’s AI business DeepMind has been placed on leave following controversy over some of his projects, Bloomberg reported.

DeepMind has already developed several important clinical uses for AI technology, including aiding in screening for future acute kidney injuries, identifying eye diseases and working with the VA to predict patient deterioration.

Its co-founder, Mustafa Suleyman, who runs the applied division of DeepMind, is also a high-profile executive and public speaker. He also developed the 100-person DeepMind Health team. A DeepMind spokeswoman did not tell Bloomberg why Suleyman was put on leave.

DeepMind has received criticism for some of its work in the U.K., with accusations that the company illegally obtained millions of patient records, according to Bloomberg. Since then, DeepMind Health has been folded into Google Health.

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