Europe lagging on healthcare AI, but momentum may be building

Healthcare AI has been slow to gain a firm foothold across Europe for two reasons, according to a report published in Science|Business July 1.

Number one, European datasets tend to be limited because they’re built from hospitals that are, on average, smaller than their American and Chinese counterparts.

Number two, regulations confound AI developers trying to pool data from multiple facilities, notes the outlet, which is headquartered in London and has a branch in Brussels.

Gathering and handling patient data in Europe is dauntingly complex, which “means we’re on a long journey,” an observer in Poland tells Science|Business. “The market is not really ready everywhere for AI. We’re on a hard, risky path, but what we’re doing is really needed.”

Meanwhile, there are anecdotal signs of private innovation and governmental encouragement pushing healthcare AI along across the pond, and the overview article runs through some of each while also referencing exemplary U.S. advances.

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