Consumers more likely to embrace AI in commerce than healthcare

Only 51% of consumers feel optimistic or safe when it comes to AI infiltrating the healthcare space in the form of helping providers in diagnostic decision making and care management, according to a recent survey from Blumberg Capital.

Another 49% said they feel unsafe and fearful of AI in healthcare, including the technology aiding in selecting which medicine to take or whether to undergo surgery.

In fact, consumers today are much more likely to embrace AI in other sectors, such as commerce and entertainment, in part because these areas may not require as much personal data. More than half of survey respondents said they lack confidence that their private information will stay secure. At the same time, 41% of consumers say that businesses using AI will become more careful about protecting personal data.

“AI is a powerful technology that operates behind the scenes with the potential to change all of our lives and, unbeknownst to many, it already has,” David J. Blumberg, founder and managing partner, Blumberg Capital, said in a statement. “This survey shows that while a percentage of consumers are comfortable with AI, many are concerned about how it is and will be used by companies and governments in the future. 

Still, 33% said they were comfortable and trusting of AI when used for commerce, as well as 30% for cybersecurity and 16% for entertainment and social media. In addition, healthcare is hardly the area that comes to mind when people think of AI. More than half of respondents said they primarily think of robots when they think of AI and 40% said they think about self-driving cars.

In the future, consumers are more likely to accept AI in healthcare, the survey revealed, and they see it as a strong opportunity for the technology.

“In looking ahead, consumers rank healthcare as the industry to be most greatly impacted through adoption of AI over the next 10 years,” the survey reads.